We are a team all-terrain, creative lovers of design and illustration, aimed at the development of brands and products. We work closely with our clients, adapting and committing ourselves to 100% with each project.

We are moved by the design, changes, the challenges, the music, the coffee that becomes beer and the customers who become friends We always strive to reach agreements and not be stubborn, we believe that the differences, well dialogd, are always reconcilable.

Either in Barcelona or in the moon we believe in the love for this job and in the job well done. We believe in the communication that surprises, that crosses the line, which opts for the detour, that excites. We believe in what we do.


Would you like to give shape to your ideas?


Verónica Salcedo

Multifaceted graphic Designer and illustrator, enthusiastic with great creative capacity, able to conceptualize design solutions for online and offline applications from the conception of the idea to the final production, aimed at exceeding the expectations of The customers.



Orlando Inojosa

Designer and illustrator, passionate and sincere, good understanding of the Brief and deep attention to details so that the conceptualization of the idea is as close to the need of the brand or product, committed to each project until its final stage.

My Job is to create ideas, not only at the graphical level, but in all the applications of the same.


fernando batoni

Fernando Batoni

Musician, composer and graphic designer, specialist in branding, Creative and innovative, Passionate builder for visual identity and corporate image. Strategic Management of trademarks and guerrilla advertising.


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